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(a.k.a Lip Blushing)

@ Up To My Eyes E-Learning Academy

Qualify with a V.T.C.T. world renowned qualification at the Up To My Eyes Academy in the art of semi-permanent lips.

This brand new method of teaching our technique, uses a classroom system in a specially designed online format. Assessments can be attended in-person or through our online learning management system.


THIS REVOLUTIONARY BEAUTY PROCEDURE HAS BEEN INTRODUCED BY “Up to My Eyes”, the academy that brought us “emBrowdery”, the industry leader and specialist in brow enhancement and lash extensions. The Lipmentation Technique was learnt in Moscow in 2016 by our Trainers and is the lightest technique of semi-permanent makeup for Lips.

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Lipmentation is a procedure whereby pigments are penetrated into the top layer of the lips to deliver colour where it is needed.

It defines the vermillion border, cupid’s bow and lateral commissures, whilst filling the upper and lower lips with colour. The appearance is completely natural, soft and defining and blends with or without an already defined vermillion line.  The newest technology in pigment and technique is used in Lipmentation which allows the pigment to stay in place on the  lips, regardless of how light the pressure used to apply the pigment.

Lipmentation is like no other lip tattoo on the market in Ireland today.  With knowledge gleaned from specialists in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Moscow, it has been four years in developing this unique Technique. Lipmentation delivers stunning natural colour with no excessive pain and no down time whatsoever, unlike other lip tattoo treatments that use outdated techniques and pigments, resulting in very bright and sore lips for approximately a week.

Attendance at the Academy

  • 7  hrs OPTIONAL private training in attendance in a salon setting.
  • 8 hrs media training to include 4 levels of assessment.
  • Final assessment is held privately in a professional salon environment, or on-line if preferred.
  • Professional Kit Included.

Course Schedule


The course will include theory and practical sessions. You will be advised by your trainer how to log onto the course and how to navigate it successfully.  If you purchased our Professional Kit, it will be presented or posted out to you, as you prefer. The standalone Kit costs €400.


Level-by-level media learning. Each level will have an assessment at the end of the training period and an assessment must be passed before the student can go onto the next level. There are four levels in total. This is completed over on the E-Learning Academy.

Step 1 & 2 Total Price:



Student will return to the classroom and bring with him/her a model. Student will carry out a client consultation, design the clients Lip shape and carry out a full Lipmentation treatment. This will take about 6 hrs and will be done in a private capacity with your trainer.

Optional extra:



Student must attend our Training Academy for a final, un aided assessment. The student must demonstrate that they can do a full Lipmentation treatment, from consultation to aftercare, within a time frame of 3 hours.

Optional extra:



On successful completion, the student will be awarded with The Up To My Eyes Academy Certificate. As the trainer is also a VTCT Assesor, points achieved will be used towards a full VTCT Qualification if the student would like to continue on with their studies in order to obtain this. A VTCT qualification is recognized in over 40 countries worldwide.

Price Structure

€1,500 Paid in Full at registration. To include four Online Assessments, Full Professional Kit and personal attendance in salon for final certification. If a student is unable to attend, alternate arrangements for assessment can be organised.

€700 optional extra for Private Training on your First Model. Paid in Full on appointed Day of Training.

Professional Kit Contains
  • Make-up Case
  • Electric Lip Tattoo Machine
  • 6 Lip Pigment Colours
  • Mixing Solution
  • 15 Needles and Needles Accessories
  • Lip Pencils
  • Protective covering for machine
  • 2 Silicon Practice Mats
  • Pigment Stand
  • Pigment Cups
  • Patch Testing Lancets
  • Face Masks
  • Nitrile Glove
  • Microsticks
  • Cling Film
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