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emBrowdery™ is a gentle technique of creating a very light, hair stroke tattoo to replace lost brow hair. This safe procedure is performed without the need to press down into the skin with a cutting motion. Instead, it uses a very fine formation of 15 needles to snag the skin in a plucking up motion. This gentle technique is known as micro-stippling and eliminates bleeding in normal skin types, prevents scabbing and makes it nearly impossible to scar the skin.

On successful completion, the student will be awarded with The Up To My Eyes Academy Certificate. As the trainer is also a VTCT Assesor, points achieved will be used towards a full VTCT Qualification if the student would like to continue on with their studies in order to obtain this. A VTCT qualification is recognized in over 40 countries worldwide.

E-Learning Academy

Enhance your skills, beautify your career and unlock your potential: Learn the Art of Eyelash Extensions, Microblading, Lipmentation & emBrowdery™. Qualify with Certificates of Achievement, and work towards full VTCT Certification – with Up To My Eyes.

Our E-Learning Academy can be found and explored on our international sister website: www.uptomyeyes.com

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