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HD Brows using Henna Paste instead of HD Tint

Henna Brow

Henna paste is made from the dried leaves of the henna plant. The leaves are crushed into a powder and we just add a few drops of a water solution to make a creamy paste. During your treatment, this paste is applied on to the top layer of the epidermis. Henna has no relation with permanent tattoo and it will fade over the course of a month.

In India Henna holds a lot of cultural significance in their traditions such as weddings, Karwa Chauth and other occasions. The elaborate designs can take hours to create. In the Late 1990s, in western countries, various celebrities used Henna as a decoration for their performances. Since then it has become a fashion trend and people are now using it for fun and the beauty it holds.

Henna Brow Tint & Shape


40 minsJunior Therapist

Henna Brow Tint & ShapePopular


40 minsSenior Therapist

What happens in the treatment?

We will have a chat first about colours and shape etc. We have a wide range of colours from light caramel to dark chocolate. Once we determine what colour is best we will mix the colour and leave it to develop. During this time, we prep your eyebrows by applying a shampoo and conditioning lotion. We then design a brow which is the most suitable for your face shape. You are 100% involved in this stage and when we have the perfect brow outlined, we apply the henna paste. You get to chill and relax for approx 15-20 minutes whilst it develops. Once the Henna is removed we will tidy up your natural brow shape as desired, using a variety of threading, tweezing and waxing.

Who is suitable to get the Henna Brows?

The best results are achieved when there is some degree of natural hair already in existence. The Henna will dye the skin too but we only recommend it for filling in gaps etc, rather then creating an altogether new shape where there is no brow hair in existence. It is perfect for those who finds that regular tints don’t last long. The Henna Brow tint lasts for up to 3-5 weeks and gives the brow a thicker, fuller look. Longevity depends on how much you wash the brow area. To keep a strong colour we do say to keep them moisturised.

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