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A Collagen Inducing Therapy

Microneedling uses microscopic needles to cause multiple micro punctures on the skin. This in turn stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. In addition, the treatment’s serum (a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid) are placed under the skin whereby they immediately hydrate the skin. Highly effective for Aging Skin, Acne Scars, Dehydrated Skin, Scarring, Pigmentation.

Single Treatment


3 Sessions


6 Sessions


Increases Elasticity & Firmness of the skin

Wrinkles and lines are softened

Improves skin tone, helps eliminate sun spots

Deeply hydrating

The treatment itself doesn’t hurt thanks to topical anaesthetic but post treatment downtime is expected with skin feeling sunburnt for up to 6 hours afterwards. This will be followed by a period of skin shedding. Post treatment, think no heat, no sweat, no hardword, no irritation.

You will be provided with aftercare as it is of utmost importance that the skin is protected and fed with sheer goodness to ensure the collagen stimulation process is maximised. The results after 5 – 7 days will make it worth it all and these results will continue for up to 8 weeks. Follow up treatments may be recommended for even more targeted results.

You will be amazed by the anti-aging benefits, all without surgery! Microneedling is essentially an investment into your skin’s future appearance.

Consultation & patch test required prior to treatment. Contact the salon for further information.

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